How Can You Secure a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan in India?

It might seem a bit fascinating to you to get hold of a larger audience through an exclusive website. A good hosting plan and a suitable server are required to facilitate a smooth-running website that can reach every corner of the world. 

Choosing a dedicated server India for your Indian website is a great idea as far as you are dealing with some complex data. It is important to note that each type of server is meant for different levels of businesses. 

We are going to have a proper glance at single-tenant hostings and their security issues. If, by the end of this article, you decide to buy one, then we also have the name of a fantastic dedicated server hosting provider in India for you.

How Security Plays an Important Role in Dedicated Server India Plans? 

Security is not just important for dedicated servers; rather, it is a matter of concern for all types of server hosting users. A safe place for data storage and transmission is what saves you and your website in the long run.

Imagine a scenario where you have massive daily traffic on your website in India. Tons of visitors come to your website in search of a great shopping experience. On an odd day, your website is targeted by a DDoS attack. What do you think will happen next? Website crash? Network slowdown? Frustrated visitors, who are not able to scroll through the products? Let us tell you that it can be a combination of all the adverse outcomes. Now that is what we call a major security goof-up. 

A simple piece of advice, ensure you have a heavily guarded server hosting. Now let’s move forward and look at the ways to secure your Indian dedicated server.  

10 Ways to Secure a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan in India 

We urge you to read all the below points to ensure you have an attack-proof dedicated server India. Are you ready? We are sure you are excited to get all the details, so let’s get started.

Regular Server Monitoring: 

Consistently monitoring the dedicated server’s performance, resource usage, and potential issues to ensure optimal functionality and quick issue resolution.

Uniformity in Software Updates: 

Keeping all software and applications on the Dedicated Server Hosting Plan in India up-to-date this will address security vulnerabilities, improve performance, and maintain compatibility.

Setup Secure Network: 

Configuring the server’s network settings with strong firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and proper access controls to prevent unauthorized access.

Establish Anti-DDoS System

Implementing mechanisms to detect and mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, safeguarding the server and its services from overwhelming traffic.

Ensure Hard-to-Hack Passwords:

Enforcing complex, unique, and hard-to-guess passwords for all accounts and services associated with the dedicated server hosting in India to prevent unauthorized access.

Maintain Regular Data Backup:

Performing routine backups of server data to a secure offsite location, ensuring data recovery in case of hardware failures, data corruption, or other disasters.

Conduct Cache Cleaning: 

Regularly clearing temporary files and caches to free up resources, improve server performance, and enhance security by removing potential points of vulnerability.

Establish Strict Access: 

Implementing role-based access control (RBAC) and limiting access privileges only to authorized personnel, reducing the risk of unauthorized changes.

Encourage Encryption: 

Utilizing encryption protocols such as SSL/TLS to protect data transmitted between the server and clients, enhancing data security and privacy.

Pick a Reliable Provider: 

Choosing a trustworthy, reputable, and the best dedicated server provider in India to ensuring stable infrastructure, reliable support, and security measures are in place.

Where to Buy a Secure Cheap Dedicated Server Package in India?

We know that by this point, all you want is a gold-standard dedicated server hosting plan in India. This is the point where we are going to tell you about the most-desired Web Hosting Provider in India , i.e., Hostbillo Hosting Solution. Yes, this platform is a pro when it comes to offering top-class Indian dedicated server services. Another perk? There is cheap and affordable pricing. 

Hostbillo has not even compromised on the feature criteria, given its low pricing. You will get scalability, security, hardcore control, sky-high performance, etc. Their expert client support is actually the cherry on the cake. You can tap on them whenever you feel stuck and get a quick resolution. You will get following benefits with Hostbillo’s Best dedicated server India plans:-

  • 99.90% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 7 Days Credit-Back Guarantee
  • Extendable SSDs & RAM
  • No Setup Cost
  • Free SSL Certificate


In the world of web hosting, securing a dedicated server hosting in India is of utmost importance to ensure the smooth operation and safety of your website. Regardless of the type of server you choose, data security and integrity remain critical aspects. 

When dealing with complex data and high traffic, a dedicated server proves to be a reliable choice in India. This article has highlighted the significance of security in dedicated server plans. For those seeking a secure, affordable and the best dedicated server package in India, Hostbillo stands out as a top choice. With its excellent dedicated server hosting services, Hostbillo offers scalability, security, high performance, and expert client support at competitive pricing. 

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