Jump Start Your Ride-sharing Business with BlaBlaCar Clone

For its unique and ultra-flexible carpool service, the BlaBlaCar brand has been gaining popularity since its inception. It is hard not to mention this French online carpooling marketplace when we talk about ride sharing solutions. In exchange for a commission between 18% and 21%, BlaBlaCar connects drivers and passengers willing to travel together between cities to share their fare. Currently, the platform has 26 million active members.

Industry research suggests that the global ride-sharing market will grow to 36 million users by 2025. Demographics like city dwellers, millennials, and individuals who do not own a car have increased the adoption of ride-sharing services. The BlaBlaCar app resolves the problem of convenient and cost-effective traveling ensuring that riders only cover reasonable expenses. In other words, car owners and passengers both can share the overall travel and fuel costs.

How does the BlaBlaCar clone app work?

BlaBlaCar acts as a platform between passengers and car owners that generates revenue through transaction fees of the total cost of a ride. The clone acts the same way.

  • Car owners list all the details, including the price of the long-distance ride.
  • Interested passengers traveling on the same route coordinate with the car owner through a private messaging system.
  • These passengers pay their partial fares to the owner directly.

Using the BlaBlaCar services, more than 145,000 people travel to France daily. The unbeatable success has encouraged many entrepreneurs to build and launch a BlaBlaCar clone carpooling app in the marketplace. If building a BlaBlaCar app is on your mind, then buying a ready-made BlaBlaCar clone app is the best solution. With a healthy balance of attention on regulation, operation, and market assessment, you can have a platform similar to BlaBlaCar that helps passengers save money and reduce the cost of fuel.

Key features of BlaBlaCar clone app

If you are considering getting a BlaBlaCar clone app, here is something important to know. The BlaBlaCar clone app has two interfaces for passengers and drivers/car owners. The passengers can find and request available rides on BlaBlaCar’s online app/portal listed by the car owners or drivers. Here are some key features of BlaBlaCar clone app that you can find in the demo:

  • Easy Sign-up/Log-In 

Both car-pooler and carpool provider can create an account with a quick sign-up process. They can either enter their mobile number, use their Google account or Facebook.

  • Ride Details

Carpool provider can update the ride details and drop the exact location with a landmark for convenience. Whereas, car-pooler can search for available drivers for locations with the lowest fare charges.

  • Payment Gateway 

With a simple and convenient approach, both car-pooler and carpool provider can choose to pay via debit/credit card, wallet or cash.

  • Accept/Reject Rides 

For legitimate reasons, the drivers can accept or reject ride-sharing requests like different pickup/drop locations, low fares, etc. 

  • Reviews and Ratings 

The driver can share their journey experience in detail through review and rating. The users can also rate and review their journey experience to help the upcoming passenger book without a doubt. 

  • In-App Call/Text 

Passengers can connect with the driver through messages or in-app call features through the app itself to keep track of communication. 

  • Manage Drivers

Through an interactive dashboard, the admin gets complete control over the rides and can view the driver’s and trip details with one click. 

  • Promo Codes

To expand and encourage more and more users to join, the admin can add as many coupons to let users avail and request a carpool.

  • Manage Users 

View the entire list of active users in a particular region. See the verification status and keep track of all rides initiated from any date.

Take off your ride-sharing business

A series of multiple revenue generation streams ensures a 100% success rate for your ridesharing business. It is essential to understand how a BlaBlaCar Clone lets the drivers/car owners make money off the platform in an effective way. The millennial generation is living in more urbanized locations, facing a higher cost of quality of life despite having a job. Car sharing addresses this concern by offering affordable access to a vehicle anytime.

We hold decades of experience in developing and launching on-demand ride-sharing apps. Our team of knowledge-rich developers follows the agile methodology, so you can have a robust final product ready within days. As of now, we have served countless businesses with a reliable ride-sharing app yet continue to prove ourselves as a preferred on-demand clone app development company. 

Benefits of our BlaBlaCar clone script

A clone script gives the developers an added advantage to start the development process using the embedded architecture and workflow of the app. Instead of starting from scratch, the clone script can be used to run the functionalities and further customize them as per the client’s needs. For this, our clone script developers commit their time to provide the following benefits:

  • Scalable And Customizable

After publishing, even if the client wants to add something new, our BlaBlaCar clone script developers can implement the changes accordingly.

  • High Success Rate

Despite being easy to handle, clone scripts are very powerful. A successful running conglomerate has already used these scripts. Hence, the success rate of your app made using the clone scripts always goes higher.

  • Quality Source Code

The source code used in building the clone script can easily handle the increased traffic on the app supporting the business in the long-term. The quality of the code is repeatedly evaluated from the development team.

  • Multi-Platform 

We customize and deliver application that can be used on multiple platforms such on iOS and Android platform. We ensure that the entire packages works in all latest devices with each feature working well. 


Download the BlaBlaCar clone demo to launch your custom-branded carpooling app as per the current market demands and trends. After the process of white-labeling is completed, we will thoroughly test the app, which will be made available to you to test after it passes all our tests. Once it is good to go, we will submit your app to the iOS and Android app stores in just 7-8 days.

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